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Capital Gains Tax Valuations

Why do I need a Capital Gains Tax Valuation?

There can be several reasons as to why you may require a capital gains tax valuation in Western Australia (WA). In essence the valuation is used to calculate the amount of capital gains tax (CGT) that is required to be paid for a specific property. These may include but are not limited to:

  • Primary residence becoming an investment property – when you move out of your home and start renting the premises a valuation is often required to calculate a value starting value for future capital gains tax (CGT) calculation purposes.
  • Investment property changing to a primary residence – in this instance two valuations may be required allowing for when the property became an investment property and when it becomes a primary residence once again.
  • Selling an investment property that was once a primary residence – often a retrospective valuation is required as of the date the property became an investment property to allow for the calculation of capital gains tax (CGT).

Why is PWE Property Consultants and Valuers the best option for your Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Valuation Requirements?

PWE Property Consultants and Valuers are leaders in this area of capital gains tax (CGT) valuation consultancy within Western Australia (WA). We understand the requirements of the Australia Taxation Office (ATO) and are regularly instructed by Accountants and Financial Advisors to complete capital gains tax valuations for individuals directly and for clients. With decades of experience, we believe we are best suited to provide the high level of service required in this area of expertise.


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