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Strata Unit Entitlement Valuations

What is a unit entitlement and why are they required in Western Australia (WA)?

In basic terms a unit entitlement is the allocated share of the rights and responsibilities of a strata scheme. They determine an owner’s voting rights and percentage contribution to costs related to the scheme, along with determining each owner’s undivided share in common property.

It is important to realise that unit entitlement is based on market value and not other factors such as size.

Why is a property valuer required to determine unit entitlements for a strata scheme?

The Western Australian Strata Titles Act 1985 requires a licensed valuer to complete a Form 3 document which stipulates the unit entitlement for each lot within a given scheme. This process must be completed before Certificates of Title are issued.

Why is PWE Property Consultants and Valuers the best option for your strata title valuations?

We have extensive experience in this area of strata title valuations. If you have rented or owned a strata property in Western Australia, there is a strong likelihood the unit entitlements were calculated by us here at PWE Property Consultants and Valuers.

Given the unit entitlement impacts voting rights and proportional ongoing costs incurred within the strata scheme, it is paramount that a qualified valuer is engaged to avoid any incorrect assessments that can lead to ongoing issues within the scheme, which can be difficult and costly to rectify retrospectively.


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