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What is a stamp duty valuation report?

When an asset between two parties is transferred, the tax payable is called stamp duty. The stamp duty valuation report contains details of the property description, attributes as well as relevant market sales evidence. It will also contain the market value of the property that enables the determination of the amount of stamp duty that is required to be paid.

When do I need a stamp duty valuation in Perth, Western Australia (WA)?

A stamp duty valuation is required in Perth, Western Australia (WA) when you are transferring property ownership between related parties or when property is being transferred into a superannuation fund or various other legal entities such as trusts. It may also be required on an ongoing basis as part of a self-managed superannuation funds auditing requirements.

Why choose PWE Property Consultants and Valuers for your stamp duty valuation in Perth?

We have extensive experience in Perth (WA) in providing stamp duty valuation reports in the format required by the Department of State Revenue (Department of Finance). We also have access to the relevant property research databases to ensure an accurate valuation. Our stamp duty valuation clients range from superannuation fund managers, solicitors, accountants as well as individuals who all require a seamless valuation report for the required stamp duty purposes.


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